Welcome to the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara North. We hope visitors will find us a fun and friendly club. For visiting Rotarians from other parts of the world, our long time locals will be happy to offer tips on how to make your visit even more enjoyable. Please join us for lunch.

With the exceptions of governments and religious organizations, we’ve seen firsthand that Rotary is the most effective organization in the world. Here is why and how we enthusiastically do our part here on the South Coast.

Community Service: For 60 years now, our men and women of many professions and local leadership roles have shared a “Service Above Self’ commitment to give to our community in many diverse ways. If you are a local residents looking for an avenue to enrich your life by helping others and having fun and fellowship in the process, you will find a host of projects and talented project leaders in our club. Contact me personally about joining us for lunch so that you can check it out.

Supporting Education at many levels has always been a club priority. We ‘adopted’ Adams Elementary School 30 years ago with thousands of volunteer hours of tutoring, mentoring, and monthly recognition awards. Our capital fundraisers have helped equip their computer lab, build playground equipment and picnic areas, and enhance their library with thousands of new books. My personal favorite is to continue to oversee our participation with RYLA, Rotary Youth Leadership Award that enriches up and coming high school student leaders. This ‘life changing’ leadership retreat is without equal. Additionally, our annual Holiday Party fundraiser provides monies for our college level Re-Entry Student Scholarships administered by the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara. To date, we have awarded $96,000 assisting 169 students to return to college later in their life.

Through our RCSBN Charitable Foundation we have also assisted over 100 different local charities and non profits via approximately 340 grants totaling nearly $400,000. Remembering the recent loss of one of our key members, Steve Rehage, we look forward to supporting the United Boys and Girls Clubs first annual ‘Steven Rehage Memorial Basketball Tournament this fall. This event will raise funds to benefit local athletic programs and to purchase sports equipment of all kinds.

International Service: Along with 1.2 million Rotarians in the 34,000 Rotary Clubs around the world, we are all committed to international service and to finish eradicating polio throughout the world. The 2015-2016 Rotary Year theme, “Be A Gift To The World”, reflects what we’ve been doing all along. Among our many international projects are water wells in Africa, fire trucks in Mexico, a medical clinic in Puerto Vallarta that was designed, built, equipped with all levels of Rotary and Rotary International involvement. Current projects include a new community health clinic in Boca de Tomatlan and first response medical equipment to more remote communities in the area.

Anyone can make a request of our club foundation for a grant. Information is on our website. If you have an interest in any of our activities, please contact me or Mark Gallo regarding potential participation.

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